Water Sculpture

Dream Wave Sculpture


This approximate size of 126' long Water Sculpture with 72 foot long computer-manipulated water jets shooting water up to 20 feet into the air is a direct response to the request for a "spectacular" fountain to attract people to the park.
The Water Sculpture refers to the environment, drawing its significance from one of the massive old Baobab Trees in Young Circle Park. The Baobab Tree, also known as the "Tree of Life," is considered to be a sacred tree and an inspiration for mythology and legend in West Africa and other regions of the world where it grows. Capable of living for one thousand years or more, its monumental thick trunk eventually becomes a reservoir holding hundreds of gallons of life-sustaining water. The significance of the Baobab Tree as a source of water and of life itself cannot be under-estimated and thus it is natural that it should play a key role in defining the actual form of the Water Sculpture.

The height of the water driven by the water jets corresponds directly to the peaks and valleys represented by a measurement of the electronic life wave pattern of this majestic tree. This energy pattern is transmitted from the Baobab Tree to the fountain in the form of a continuous and ever changing wave pattern defined by the shooting water.* Nighttime illumination will enhance the dramatic visual effects of the Water Sculpture, and a sound component is developed to correspond to the visual pattern. The long but narrow footprint of the water sculpture situated in the central plaza addresses the challenge to make a prominent visual statement while not interfering with backup seating for the nearby amphitheatre. During performances in the park, the Water Sculpture will become a quiet, meditative shallow pool in the background when the water jets are turned off.

* NOTE: some degree of modification of the actual measured pattern may be necessary for artistic reasons, pending outcome of field tests

Water pool surface is constructed in Diamond Brite creating a stripe pattern as a part of a radial paver pattern starting from the Baobab Tree. The edge of the pool is covered with Black Granite Tile where water drips over.

Water Sculpture celebrates long life and enormous energy of creativity. Festive Rope, specially designed by Ritsuko Taho is tied around the Baobab tree to signify a source of life signal of the fountain. The Rope is changed once every year.

Tree Sound is crucial part of Water Sculpture in combination with visual presentation of life information. The sound magnifies dynamic quality of artwork, transforming a wave pattern from the Tree into a life form. Six Sound Poles constructed in power-coated aluminum are located around the Baobab tree and Tree Sound is played through speakers. The volume of the sound is appropriately controlled without interfering with near-by performance area in the Park.